London escorts have found out that taking photos for their profile is too expensive for them to make so they have decided to look for alternative ways to make it less expensive and yet very appealing to look up to it just that you need to consider some things in order to work them out as you take your photos of your own.

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The self portrait

  • You should have completely shot the contents of your bedroom/ kitchen/ bathroom. The mess in the place is visible. The photo will then turned out fussy and its color completely out and may sometimes turns to red and the person in the photo may seems to have a dose of a yellow jaundice.

The Mug Shot

  • Guys especially are particular on photos taken from camera phones. They too also have it on their phones and they can easily identify it if it is taken by a phone or not. The picture will then be seen as too dark for there is no enough light in which taken by the use of camera flash that has the tendency of being scared witless.

The beach shot

  • There are those women who seems to love taking up their photos in the beach and feels like they are professional photographers. There photos turns out to be a serious woman that is looking a serious kind of relationship. Remember man will look up into the eyes of a women and once they found something in your eyes which is not good for them then you’re sorry.

The Shirt Off

  • Why pose for something like you are in a beauty contest where in you just have to capture a profile picture for your account. Don’t be so naïve in making it extravagant it will just turns out to you as a cheap type of woman.

The close up Headshot

  • You have to avoid photos which is taken by camera phones which filters everything bad on your face and it captures only some parts of your face not the whole face. This is so bad to be use as a profile picture of your own.

The Holiday Gem

  • Do not use such photos taken of you as your profile picture in which you will be seen like a dot and mostly covered with full background that your face can be very hard to see and identified.

So the following information above are the list of the things that you should avoid in taking up your own profile pictures. But this doesn’t mean that you are not capable in doing it on your own it just that you need to realize the dos and don’ts in taking up your own profile picture. You have known already the don’ts, now at this juncture you will then know the dos of taking your profile picture as a beginner.


  • You have to put on consideration of what your picture will consist of.
  • The audience would love to see your face.
  • The portrait of yourself plays a reflection of your own life story and lifestyle.
  • Your photos creates impression of your life’s quality, importance and values.
  • Make your photo get contact of who you really are.


How to make it realize? There are 3 important secret weapon to get that kind of picture of yours.

  1. Composition
  2. Camera
  3. Light

So by the use of these three weapons you can have the best photo shot by your own it just a matter of how you portray the ideas given to you the dos and don’ts in taking up your own profile picture. So if you think you can it then do it and show to the world that you don’t need expensive photo shoots just to figure out the best profile picture of yours.

So after London escorts have gone through these information they then put into action in which they never spend a single centavo just to have their best profile picture taken. Out of those information given London escorts captures their best profile photo that reflects who really they are without pretending someone else.